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3 Aug 2017

If you face monitor screen problem and laptop for this aim this article is written on this there is screen icon or font size too small and too long and other is the color problem, Brightness, blurry, black screen, no video. These are the tools of this article. 

1-Screen Icon and Font size: 

2-downy Problem 

3-Brightness Problem    

4-Blank screen problem 

5-Geometrical problem 

Screen and Font: 

Basically, this is the very common problem of the screen and font both are the depend on the users because every user has a different mentality so this depends on you. This problem depends on the operating system you have. The operating system is like that Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and windows XP. First set and change your screen rotation after that doing the change the rate means to adjust the refresh rate as you want after that depends on you change the size of font and icon and other information if you have any query related to this then this in the condition you can contact us on the Dell customer care. 

Downy Problem: 

If you screen icon and font is fuzzy and the color problem then in this condition of the desktop and the laptop. Resolving dell desktop FIRST you connect the monitor to your desktop computer and check your video cable in this process you can change your video setting and display menu and adjust the monitor. Run monitor and built in diagnostic and after that the update video drivers and BIOS 

Brightness Problem: 

The brightness problem is depending on the technical this is inner side problem. But any time this problem is not inner side and seen the surface on the desktop and laptop there is some button the button is called the setting button follow these there is the main menu and see the brightness and color control you can easily solve these type of problems. If you have face more problem like this then you can contact us on the Dell customer service. 

Geometrical problem: 

The geometrical problems are those problems like as the Pixels or dot grid these functions are called as Geometrical. You know that the every and each pixel is made of the green, red and blue when the pixel depends on the bright sub pixel defect and other is the Dark sub pixel defect. Pixels remain permanently. Resolving with the white color dot on a back.


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